Our chat rooms are unlike anything you have seen before. Just imagine yourself in an episode of Startrek, looking around at all the awesome things that the spaceship could do. This may be analogous to the feelings you may have once you have taken a look at our video chat rooms. Our video chat is certainly ahead of the rest, and our chat rooms are operated on award-wining software.

It is certainly a good idea for you to have a video cam when using our video chat rooms; however you are not required to have one. While in the chat room you will notice that some members will have a webcam icon next to their username. This icon signifies that the user has a webcam setup. To see the webcam of this member, simply click on this icon. The learning curve associated with using our video chat room is just about nil, and you will love this simplicity.

The Best Adult Lesbian Chat on the Internet
There is no doubt about it; CuriousLove.com has the best lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious women only chat rooms on the Internet. With the ability to take part in real time video chat conversations, you will feel as though you are communicating face to face with a bunch of girls. Once you have checked out our video chat rooms, don't be surprised if you end up spending hours chatting with your new friends daily.

Members are even allowed to create their own chat rooms. This is a bit like creating your own little group of friends on CuriousLove.com. It's very easy to set up a chat room, and if you create a good name for your chat room, you may receive a lot of interest from other girls in other chat rooms. Our video chat rooms will provide you with hours of laughing, flirting, and great times online.

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