A CuriousLove.com membership is one of the best memberships you can have, both on and offline, and the best part is that it is free. CuriousLove.com brandishes a growth rate of over 550 members a week. This translates into 550 new women for you to get to know, and chat with. Of course unless you are super girl you will not be able to talk to all of them, however, you are given many options with such a large community.

Yes we are the fastest growing lesbian dating community, but are our members great? Of course they are, which is why we are growing at such a staggering pace. Besides our wonderful site features, our members are an intricate part of our success. Furthermore, our membership base is rather diverse. From North America, to Africa and all places in between, our members spread the globe. Not only are we diverse in location, we are also diverse in age, and personalities. Some members are in their teens, while others are in their 40s.

Creating Your Own Profile
How your profile looks and how appealing it is left up to you and your imagination. The more effort you put into it, the popular it will be. By adding a few pictures, and writing something interesting about yourself, you will receive a lot of traffic, flirts and emails from women checking you out.

If you don't like to write, and you don't want to add pictures, then a good alternative would be to add a video profile. You have probably heard the saying, that a "picture says a thousand words", well, surely a video says much more. The point is, you have many choices to make your profile appealing, so take advantage of them and see how many beautiful women will initiate contact with you.

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