Lesbians, bisexuals and bi-curious women, may wish to use an alternative dating website to meet other women online. A site such as CuriousLove.com features a friendlier, safer and welcoming environment than regular dating websites because it is built with women in mind. There is no need to join a majority straight dating website, when there is a girls only dating service such as CuriousLove.com.

Alternative Dating at CuriousLove.com
Madison Bauer, the genius behind CuriousLove.com, launched the site with the goal of making CuriousLove.com the all around best lesbian dating service. Her aim was to create a safe, elegant and romantic environment, the likes of which the world as never seen. A place in which it is as easy to make new friends as it to fall in love.

Her goal was realized. CuriousLove.com's members come from all across the world. Every month, CuriousLove.com expands by at least 2200 members. We currently project that CuriousLove.com will have a member base of 100,000 members by the end of 2010. Today, the majority of our members are from the United States, Australia, UK, and Canada. We anticipate a steep increase in the number of women from other countries by the year's end.

The perks that come with being a member of an international community are numerous. Members who travel a lot will be even more able to take advantage of this diversity. Picture if you will, traveling to South America, Europe or Australia and meeting up with cool gals you met at CuriousLove.com.

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