Australian lesbians, bisexuals and bi-curious women will love the community that we have created here at Whether you are looking for a friend, a sex partner, a date, or the love of your life, you will be sure to find her at Our members are very vibrant and loving, and many hookups are made possible each day through

By reading our success stories, you will know how great of a community we have created here at One member wrote, "We are best friends and soul mates and are raising two beautiful children together. Thanks Curious Love!" Another woman wrote, "We laugh, we cuddle, we chat every day and we spent lots of time together. LOVE is fantastic!" You get the picture, enable women to meet for fun activities and to even find their one true love.

Meeting Other Australian Lesbians
There is something to be said about meeting a girl on First of all, generally you can tell from a quick glance at a members profile if she is in a relationship, looking for friendship or looking for romance. Now, let's see you try doing that at a bar. You probably cannot tell by looking at someone if they are interested in dating or not, now can you?

With you can spend more time thinking about where to have your next date, and less time thinking about "will she date me, will she not." From the get go you are generally able to tell if a girl is available or not. When you meet a girl at you are able to tell what her intentions are, and you won't have to waste your time going after someone that's not available.

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