is a community spreading across the globe, specifically made for women interested in finding partners of the same sex. Madison Bauer, the founder of had a simple goal in mind with the creation of She wanted to build a home for lesbians, bi-curious, and bisexual women on the internet. She wanted to create a comforting and safe environment, in which intellectual and appealing conversations could take place.

Bi-Curious Women
A good percentage of our members are lesbians who have long known that they were gay. While some of our members are bi-curious and hold only the experience of dating men. However, being curious, they have always held the aspiration of dating another woman.

Consequently, it is a possibility that they may harbor fear about their preference and may wish to proclaim themselves as "bi-curious" as apposed to gay, or bi-sexual. However, as Madison herself can attest, many women who begin their lesbian journey as simply being bi-curious, ultimately find themselves in loving, joyful long term lesbian relationships. Through this event, these "bi-curious" women realize that they are truly gay, after coming to grips with their bashfulness.

On the other hand, as Madison can tell you, there are also bi-curious women who end up being heterosexuals, who simply had a curiosity. In the long run, it's not about being confused; it's about being honest with yourself, and any woman you may date. On a similar note, it may be a good idea to hang out and talk chat with other women who have been in your shoes. And when you are ready to put your tires to the road, is ready and willing to help you achieve your dreams.

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