If it happens that you are a bi-curious woman, you will be ecstatic about the community that we have created here. Madison Bauer, has wonderful community of bi-curious, lesbians and bisexual ladies scattering the globe. Curiouslove.com is without a doubt a great place, and this is precisely why approximately 700 new members join our community each week.

CuriousLove.com brandishes a growth rate of between 2,100 to 2,200 members a month and many of them are in the same "bi-curious" boat as you are. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your secret getting out, or being stressed by men. CuriousLove.com was designed to enable you to be yourself, and be true to your desires.

Meeting Other Bi-Curious Girls
We have many bi-curious members who are interested in meeting other bi-curious members. They are logical in the thought that by sharing their experiences are lack there of with other members, they will strengthen their comfort level. Furthermore, they believe that by dating another bi-curious woman, they will be able to move forward at a comfortable pace.

On the other hand, there are bi-curious members who are more attracted to our lesbian members for their experience. Just be sure to be honest with your lesbian interest about your experience level. Don't keep it a secret because you fear that it will be unattractive.There are many lesbians who would be more than happy to be in a relationship with a beautiful bi-curious girl such as yourself. Be sure to read Madison's diary to see for yourself.

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