So you may have always been "bi-curious" but not knowing how to proceed. Well, you have found the right place. No more day or night dreaming in hopes to satisfy your interests., will enable you and other bi-curious girls to discover each other. You will also have the ability to meet sexy lesbians who would be delighted in teaching you how to be yourself. 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, or 0 to 6 in a year, your pace will be determined by you at

Beyond Bi-Curious
Curiosity is apart of being human, and most people will wonder at some time in their lives what it is like to date someone of the same sex. Maybe you have been curious for some time now about what it would be like to kiss, or be intimate with another woman. If so, let us tell you, that it is something worth considering.

And even if you find out that you are more comfortable being a heterosexual, you could still have a blast on the journey. The lesbian world is different, intelligent, and very enjoyable and will expose your mind to an entirely new world. At the minimum, you may create great friends who know the importance of being understanding and supporting.

And if you wish to keep your relationship a secret to the public, this is your choice. Your desire may be to be lovers in the bedroom and friends in public, which is entirely acceptable. Just be sure to fully explain to anyone you may date what your plans and intentions are. They may be on the same wavelength, but only discussion will reveal that.

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