If you are currently married woman who holds a curiosity about what it would be like to be with another woman, CuriousLove.com may be right for you. We have many lesbian members; however, there are many bisexual or bi-curious women who may fancy the idea of being with a wife and her husband.

Honesty Among Members
Honesty is very important, and it is important that you are straight forward with our members. There are bi-curious married women who come to CuriousLove.com in search of tactful affairs that they wish to keep for their husbands. However, on the other hand there are wives that are open with their husbands about their desires but have no wishes of sharing their female partner. Or they may wish to find a woman that would also welcome her husband to either take part or to watch.

Desires vary between relationships, and it is prudent that you are honest and clear with our members about your wishes. CuriousLove.com is an establishment of honest women. We support romance, pleasure and sex, however our number one goal is to create a safe place for women on the Internet, where girls are honest and kind to each other. If you do not seek to be honest and forthcoming, please find another dating site.

If it so happens that things get "hairy", you can ask Madison bauer for advice. Madison loves to help members at CuriousLove.com. Or alternately, you may just wish to read her diary, which is made available to all members. This diary is a must read, and it has great new ideas you may wish to try.

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