welcomes all women that share a desire to be with other women. This means that even though we are a 100 percent women only community, we are not a 100 percent lesbian only site. Our members include bisexuals, lesbians and bi-curious women. Our main requirement is that you are honest and open about your reason for being a member, and how you view your sexuality.

Bi-Curious Chat
We have bi-curious girls who visit and are ready to start dating. They have thought about what it would be like to date a girl, and are ecstatic about the idea of meeting a sexy girl and developing a relationship. However, there are visitors who are not as fearless.

If you are one of the latter, we would suggest that you first submerse yourself in our chat rooms. We pride ourselves in the cutting edge technology that our site features, and you will be impressed by our chat rooms. Our chat rooms will enable you to see what other lesbians, bi-sexual, or bi-curious girls are like in groups. The choice of topics matters not - movies, romance, sex or politics-, it all depends on you and the other ladies. Your knowledge may very well increase with time well spent in our chat rooms.

Our chat rooms will ease your nerves about meeting someone. You will have the ability to observe our members in a public setting, so you can fully ease yourself and get to know them in public before taking the conversation to a one on one setting. This is analogous to a party in which you meet someone on the dance floor, you chat a bit, and then when time is right you progress to more private quarters.

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