puts the fun back in dating. Finding a lesbian, bisexual or bi-curious girl in your area has never been this easy. By running a simple search, you will instantly be shown the profiles of many gorgeous women in your area. No more being the third wheel when you hang out with your friends. You will now have the ability to show off your hot new girlfriend to your friends and have then drooling.

CuriousLove will even take active measures in ensuring that you are able to meet sexy women in your area. will populate your home page with a list of "Newest Matches." These matches are of women matching your search criteria that we believe you may be interested in.

Local Bisexual and Lesbian Dating
Your "Newest Matches" list will be populated based on matching choices that you have provided. For instance if you listed that you wish to find a woman for dating within the Bronx, New York area. We would display women living in this area in your "Newest Matches" section. The update period of this list can be selected to be either weekly, or daily, depending upon your desires.

We provide this list for the simple reason that we believe that most members join to find local women that they can date, hook up with, or start long term-committed relationships with. Our video chat rooms are great, but sooner or later you will wish to feel the skin of your sexy new girlfriend.

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