is the best Canadian lesbian website on the Internet. We are the fastest growing lesbian dating site, and we have a very diverse community. Lesbians, bisexuals, and bi-curious Canadian women who are looking to find that special girl, will be happy to fulfill their dreams and desires through

Our members have a lot to say about and they are widely responsible for our amazing growth rate. Our members are quick to tell their friends about how CuriousLove helped them find the love of their life, or how CuriousLove helped them to find that perfect sex partner. is without risk, since there is no charge for your membership, and you can be as discrete or as open as you desire. If you wish to remain anonymous while using you may elect to post a picture that does not show your face, or you may chose to not post a picture at all, the choice is left entirely up to you. Furthermore, by using our mailing system, you never have to reveal any information that could be linked back to you.

Getting the Most from Your Canadian Lesbian Website
The majority of our members don't wish to fly below radar, however for those that do, we respect your privacy. Most members will chose to include many visual images of themselves, and even a video message in their profile. After all, we are a community, and a community is always better when we interact openly with each other.

For those that may harbor fears about a dating website selling or providing information gathered during registration to third parties, you have nothing to worry about with Your information is held in private, and we allow you to disclose whatever information you wish to our members. So, as you can see, is a great community, that allows you to be as open, or reserved as you desire. In either case you are sure to love our community.

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