Are you a Canadian girl that is having trouble locating a sexy local girl? Well, will allow you to meet many women in your area. We know it can be difficult trying to meet a beautiful girl, especially for those younger lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious girls who are too young to get into gay bars. will provide a great option for you to meet a great girl, even if you reside in a small town. Some girls may not be open enough to advertise their sexuality to their neighborhood, however through these girls are able to find other great lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious girls close to home.

Are You a Lesbian?
There are many girls that are not sure about whether they are lesbians or not, while there are others who have been sure since their childhood. welcomes both lesbians who know exactly what they want and girls who are not quite sure if they want to be with a girl or not. For those bisexuals and bi-curious girls, will be able to help you clarify your sexual identity by allowing you to meet beautiful women, who will blow your mind.

We are a community compromised completely of girls, however not entirely of lesbians. A good number of our members are bi-sexual, and bi-curious women. It is not important what you are, but it is important that you are honest about your feelings with our members. Acceptance is not something that is hard earned at, by simply being honest to yourself and to our members; you will find that you are welcomed with open arms.

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