Finding a date maybe especially hard for minority groups, however with the Internet, it has become possible to create communities dedicated to the happiness of specific groups. is an example of one of these communities. was created for women who love women, by a woman that loves women. CuriousLove has a richly diverse community. Asides from our diversity we are the fastest growing lesbian dating site on the Internet.

Meeting Cool, New Lesbians
CuriousLove allows you to meet many new lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious girls to hang out with, or date. No longer will you be forced to date within your group of friends, but you will have the ability to date entirely new faces, or to even expand your current group of friends through Women in small communities will immediately fall in love with because they will now have a new way to locate women in what may be a haystack.

Gay bars are great, but may not be the place where you would wish to find that special girl. Unfortunately gay bars don't tag their guest as "married," "looking for friendship," "looking for a relationship," etc, so it becomes a bit difficult to know just who is interested in what. However, you can normally easily determine the goals of a girl by simply checking out her profile. This saves you the awkwardness of approaching someone that is not interested in dating.

By reading the profile of our members, you can get an idea about what a member is looking for before you even think of sending her a flirt or a personal message. CuriousLove will change your idea of lesbian dating, and you will never want to part with our community once you have signed up for your free membership.

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