We recently asked our members "Why do YOU love" ... and here's a very small sample of the comments we received. Here at CL we don't use "cheesy" pics & fake quotes ... we don't need to. We let our members do the talking instead. Real Members, Real Feedback, Real 100% Girls-Only Dating. So join with us today, and discover for yourself why we're #1 ...




Finally! A secure site made by women for women and women only! I'm so sick of going to say Webdate or SexChat and having some sexually depraved perv PM ing me time after time, begging me "to show". That doesn't happen here. We can be ourselves finally! ... enjoy our chats and discuss whatever we want because of Maddy's diligence in monitoring. You go girl. Keep up the good work.

I love because it allows me to explore the other side of myself, the bi-curious side. My desires were always a secret that was kept deep down inside of me until I found this website. I now have answers to many of my questions and been able to talk with other girls in the same boat as me. It has been a great relief. Hopefully, with the help of, I will find someone to have my first experience with!

I love Curious love .com Because I Finally feel like I have a home. Before CL I had been going to chat room after chat room looking for Lesbian sites, with out any luck. Men invade and pretend to be women an then they get gross. Here at CL I trust many of the people because we have become friends and I can see that they are actually women. When I come to the CL chat room I feel the love. I have gained many friends from across the seas as well. I can't wait to get to my computer and get on site at CL. And I love YOU Madison. HOME SWEET HOME. Thank you ;)

Hi there. I came home from a club the other night. I was bored upset feeling kind of low. So I decided to do something about it as I was upset being on my own. I typed in a few lines to see what results came up with for lesbian dating sites and I came across yours. When I clicked on to open the page I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was free which was a bonus. I found it easy to subscribe and as soon as I did the rest was straightforward. I have never felt so welcome. I was getting replies straight away and as soon as I went in the chat room it was great. Friendly down to earth like minded girls. Exactly what I have been looking for, and the interaction is great. I love this site because it is one of the only sites I have encountered were it is easy, fun, free, and most of all you are made to feel welcome. Thanks Maddy for opening a new door for me *hugs* all my love x x x x

Because it's an interesting place to meet new people just like myself, that ain't ashamed of the game! And most of all they're people just like me that I can relate to and enjoy talking to!

I love because where I live I never have the opportunity to talk with other lesbians. It's wonderful to be able to talk to someone else who because it gives me a chance to interact romantically with other women, in a way I'm not able to at home. Maybe with a chance of meeting them.

Simple. All of the ladies. They are all sweet and polite and sexy ... can't forget sexy.

I love because it's free. So far I have met some pretty nice people here.

I love CL because it is a great place to meet like-minded women for advice, support, chat, and general merriment! I have been here for a month and have made several new friends and would recommend the site to any woman looking to meet other women for fun on the net!

Why i love this site well, because besides having great things such as the diary which by the way is a PERFECT thing, (and the photos), this site made me feel very open and i found the love of my life, my boo, my shorty, and without this site life will still feel meaningless.

It's easier to search for a Lesbian on here than in person! lol

I love because it gives me an opportunity to meet other girls and to get to now them better, by looking at there profiles and sending them flirts and email within a secure website.

Gives me the chance to meet and make friends with all these great beautiful CL girls! Also the way I was raised, thought that gay and lesbian people were looked down upon and shunned as out casts and sick. It just shows me that I'm not alone. There's others out there, we're not "one of a kind".

Well this is my first visit to your site, but from what i just read i think i'm going to spend a considerable amount of time here. Thank You Madison for an enjoyable afternoon at work...

I like the site because it is for women only and that is what I was looking for. It is discreet, and personal.

I can't begin to tell for how long I've been waiting for something like this. It's great!!!!!!!!!

It's a great way to keep in touch with the lezzie community. Too much of the online stuff is gay guy orientated, and us girls need a place of our own. you are awesome!

Because I feel comfortable, and I feel like this a world where I escape and be myself.

You keep it real. I have tried other sites and they always feature free free free!! and you sign up and waste time posting a profile and then you can not get in touch with other members because you have to pay however much money a month just to send messages. I have met some great people on your site, and you have helped me stay in touch with myself since there are not many gays and lesbians in my area. Thanks!

This is the first website that I've come across where I feel completely open to discuss anything. I live in a VERY small town that doesn't understand the "different" people in our community. On here, I just feel like I'm a part of something real and definitely intriguing. I'm a newbie, but I'm definitely learning so much from being on your website. So thanks!

I love CL because it has enabled me to meet women from around the globe. In fact, I think I have met the woman of my dreams. We have only been talking for 2 wks, but it has been really intense. She is amazing. We have a lot in common and think alike. Without CL I don't think I would have met her. Thank you so much. has helped me open up to who i am, and be myself. It also has helped me to feel comfortable to talk to women (Madison) about the things i want done to me, and the things i want to do to another woman. I Love CuriousLove and will continue to use the site.

This is such a great website to meet people and also we get some more excitement from you Madison. You are so hot. Keep the pics coming!

I'm a newbie and loving this website! Its so easy to use and I have already meet quite a few sexy babes and the chatroom is heavy!! Plus, Madison - U R HOTT!!!!

Because you meet loads of friends who are exactly like yourself, and it's fun, plus meeting the gorgeous Madison x

All the girls are so friendly to talk to and make you feel like you have know them for years, the web site is so easy to access - and Madison, you are a bird!!! yum yum
it's free------you offer so many options--------very easy to meet women and communicate with them.

There are so many options on interaction and so many people you are bound to find someone, and no men!

I love this site because it is truly dedicated to lesbians, and it makes me even more hot and horny just to think that i can actually talk to some fine women for free. I want to find someone closer to my age though, so we could make mad, passionate love in a room. I'll promise to keep my language clean though.

It's a girl friendly site, with no male crap. Us girls can relax, and mix with each other in such a good way. We can do, and say whatever we are comfy with.

I can really enjoy being the Lesbian I truly am, and share with other ladies of distinction as well. Madison, I would like to chat with you now and then and maybe take you out for an evening and then cook you some breakfast. This is why I love CL, I know you will read this.

When I get lonely bored or horny, i just love to COME here. Hmmmmm ...

I fell in love with CL within minutes of registering. Your diary is nothing short of brilliant and there is so much to do. The ladies in here are great. I've made a few friend's from all over. Many congratulations go to you for this site. It really knows how to 'please a woman!' - I can't believe it's free also! There are so many things, i could go on and on, but i won't, so thank you for making this site available to women everywhere.

My life used to be so boring, then one fantastic night i discovered since becoming a member my life has had an upturn, i have met and talked to so many beautiful women some i consider as friends and one very special lady that may become my life partner. Thank-you Maddy your site is the best thing since sliced bread. Cheers!

I love, because I can chat with interesting and hot women and I love reading the stories!! I love the pics as well, I love everything about it lol ... thank you curious love for being here.

I feel curious love is a wonderful website and I love it because it gives "us" (lesbian women) a place were
we can feel comfortable and can get to know other women like us. At times it can be hard in a heterosexual world and trying to fit in to what society wants a male and female relationship, with curious love we can do what we feel is the right and do what we love and that's mingle with other women that love women... In short this is why I love curious love.

I love because it supplies me everything a modern day female loving woman could want, quickly, easily and with a security that these women are genuine.

The site is awesome and I luv girls, girls, girls....'nuff said.

It is a website to make friends and lovers. a place where les bi and others to just be them self and we don't have to hide. We get support for people and the great Madison to help us be able to talk about this topic freely, and to help us have the courage to tell family and friends.

After another 7-yr failed relation i was a bit mixed on if i wanted to or even how to go about getting back out. Then while just looking around on the web I found CuriousLove. i figured the best way to get back into the swing of things i joined on here. Much the same way i came out, i jumped in, found the conversation intelligent, pleasurable, friendly & diverse, so i stayed and so far i have no regrets. i love this rainbow family and look forward to the chats i receive. i ask lots of questions and everyone is so nice about bringing this ole school femme into the millennium most importantly curious love is available 24/7,so i am never lonely.

Its great, very informative and daring.... just love your website.

I have tried other sites but this one is down right the best. Madison is so beautiful and so smart that i wished she lived near me. I would give her so much to write about. Plus, I have really met some awesome girls on here that I cant wait to meet - but Maddy is hands down the reason why i am all for girls. xxoo.

It's the best site for women ever. Thank god for Madison x x x

UMMMMMM.....I LOVE EVERYTHING! THE WOMEN....THE TALKING.....THE PICTURES....THE FORUM.... Madison! Incredible hot pictures and stories from Madison, of course! This website is the best damn website in history. It has beautiful females and I am always curious to see what's next.

Because it's exclusively for's informative and smart, and thus far I've been getting on well with everyone here :)

I love it so far today is my first day and I can't wait to get my picture online!

i just joined this site but i already love it!!! I love how you can post in the forums for advice and support from fellow members... and Madison's diary is HOT!

It is fun and entertaining, lots of different people to meet.. And I love your pictures and story thanks i love curious love because it allows women to meet each other in a safe conservative free place, instead of trying to do so in person where it can get a little more complicated.

I love because I finally have a place to chat with fellow lesbians. I think it is a great site because I don't have to deal with the drama of having to pay to chat. I also like it because it is 100% all women! - and because Madison is so HOT!!!

Curiouslove is the best ... and you don't have any guys hassling you all the time. I love this site!!! ...

The girls here are awesome everyone is so friendly and hott ... i can find any type of girl i want and there are so many things to do.

I love this site for the simple fact that i can meet different people and they understand how i feel. I can talk to them about different things and hope that one day i might meet ms. right.

Within a short period of time, not only did I make new friends from all over the world, I also met a very special lady that I have been talking with every day. We are meeting for the first time in a couple weeks and I can't wait.

Because it's just for girls! I love every bit of it, its fun, bubbly and Madison makes things a whole lot better! Especially with her diary and raunchy pictures! XXX

I love CL because even though I can't tell my family or friends, I can be myself here.

First of all it is the most exciting and intimate 100% Girls only dating community and it's free. I've become a member of a few other gay/lesbian personal websites. I came across this one looking up lesbian personals, and I'm glad I did. I love women, and the best thing is that I don't have to run into any men in here, which is what I was trying to avoid. Thanks to Curious Love, my search is over, I am a dedicated member.

I love Curiouslove because I have met so many lovely, sexy, interesting women here! We've met in r/t and have become friends very quickly, and I have had so much fun! It's great! Thanks!

Because, as someone new to the lifestyle, this site is way less intimidating then other sites.

There is always someone to chat too and have fun with. Madison's Diary is good reading and there's always good "juicy" bits in it. And lastly, I've met some really nice women who have helped me accept who and what I am.

I'm just new to CL and I love it I cant believe it's totally free. It's definitely a cut above the rest of the sites. Keep up the good work. Andrea.

I love coz its the only site were you can genuinely interact with other girls from all over the world, and of course Madison is absolutely hot! You go girlfriend.

ITS excellent ......meeting wounderful people and some much to learn - makes your curiousity go wild. Its okay. I love the xxx movies

It is all about my favorite thing in the world...Women, no matter what we look like the bond we share and the hook-up's along with the support from this site are unreal...

It is an amazing website! When I'm here I feel I'm home...

A BIG hug and lick to every girl who makes possible this beautiful site..! I meet girls ... I have fun reading... I get ideas... ;) I enjoy watching pictures... I get to know what is in other's glrls' minds ... I feel in my own space.

I like this web site because it's the only one that i can see and talk to all these sexy women on line. It offers everything for bi women as well as just lesbians, which is a rarity on most websites. I have always had a difficult time meeting new people. Thanks to you I am able to live again, and have some
fun. Thank you Curious love!

Finally a place where I can talk to beautiful women without men interrupting. I love this site, I'm glad I found it. Thank you so much Madison!

I adore CuriousLove because everyone on here is here for the same reason. It's also the best site around as its free and offers so much within it, i.e. messaging, videos, email, photos. I love it.

This website has given me the opportunity to pursue my fantasies. I have found some good ladies to converse with me. Also, it does not limit your expose, you have the chance to be adventurous all over the world and that in it self is a beautiful thing. I am a shy person and I feel unhibited when I can come here and be myself without the worry of ridicule and to let people see the true beauty that is me. Thank you for this opportunity.


I meet new people everyday. Gaining a larger network of friends and soon to be companions. I can be myself here and not have to worry about some guy e-mailing me telling me how hot it would be to see me and my lady friend going at it. I'm free to be me. Thank you for existing!

I love playing the games. watching the movies, and talking 2 great people.

I can be free and talk to whom ever I wish to talk to and still be discreet. I love the movies and love to be able to post photos of myself. It is also a great way to meet new woman.

Because I can talk to live sexy girls online and its the best.

I love curiouslove because it is the most awesome place to find women who can be themselves and have no men tying to meet you.

It's a fun and easy way to meet all types of women from all over the world. It has lots of beautiful people.

Oh my god, I have been surfing the net for months and to no avail.. Nothing but crap. Then I was told about CuriousLove. It has everything and more for us lesbians. I am afraid I have become addicted!! And you Madison, what a f'ng hottie. You should be carrying a fire extinguisher yourself. It has so much great information and fun stuff. The xxx videos are hot. And the best part is that it's free!!!! I have been telling everyone about it.....Luv ya hugs and kisses.

Because i can meet just the right person I'm looking for in my area any time I like.

I love because of all of the hot women that come here, and of course all of the extra.goodies that you throw in for all of the Lesbian community to see.

It's really the only website for girls only on the web that I have found and its full of excitement, adventure, sexyness and I just love it! This site has it all!!!

I am Bi-curious and I found this sight in hopes of coming out of my shell. I like this sight because I can log on and see all that I have been missing for so long. There are a lot of beautiful women on here and maybe I can get to know some one. Not to mention that the site host is VERY beautiful.

Because i have been able to chat with some really beautiful women - because this is the first opportunity i have had to meet girls in my area and be able to see if there is a girl out there for me, after being alone for a little over a year from a serious relationship. Thank you so much for making this a reality for me.

It's a great place to meet people from around the world and not feel like u have to hide.

It's a place where I can be myself and not worry what people think of me.

It gives me the chance to talk to people, who know how i feel, to talk about what i want and to maybe get a grip with the fact that i want to take the leap from curiousity!!! It's just great no ties, no pressure, just good clean fun well maybe not all clean!!!!

I love because i can meet new wonderful smart gurls for no cost at all.

I am free to be myself & meet people like myself without the fear of persecution in anyway.... It is gr8 to talk with people that make the same life choice as what I do without them judging me. Have made some gr8 friends...Thanx!!!

I love it cuz it's covered all sides of a girls expectation

I have had the chance to meet some really good people who are my friends til this day, and i just love this site!

It's a place where lesbians can find love with no hassles.

I have met so many friends to chat with here. It is wonderful.

There are so many features on this site. Plus there is unlimited access, no fees and I enjoy reading your diary, it gets me so horny!

I love because I met my babe on here. Also because there is never a dull moment. If there is nothing goin on in the chatroom you can always read Madisons diary or check out the pictures. Or you can play the games, read your horoscopes. There is always something to do. Thank you Madison.

Well just joined so, so far the movies and the stories are good and the host Madison seems like a top chick. Wouldn't mind meeting her in person could be hot. So yet to check out the rest of the site but I'm sure it will be great fun.

I love this site because I can actually meet fun girls on here without having to pay lol ... i actually met a girl on here and we met on my college campus and we found an open classroom and were only gonna make out but what the hell we went all the way it was great... thank you Madison and thank you

Because I love girls, and it's great to have a site where it's nothing but, girls, it makes me feel comfortable and wet.

B/c its so open, very welcoming – also its full of woman, so no pervy men. And its run by a 100% hottie what more could ya want from a site??

Well simple ... its as hot as hell :) Its just so friggan entertaining and such a turn on.... i mean, who doesn't want to hear about Madison having sex? She's too gorgeous not to imagine that.

This website is awesome, free, and most of all....comforting. I'm still in the closet and love that my secret is secure on CL. The people here are great...and the owners are incredible...Thank you CL. Keep up the good work!!" - P4, Canada.

"Congratulations! You have the greatest lesbian dating site I've ever visited, and I've seen them all!" - Sarah J., NY.

Just wanted to say that your site is very's been just a little over a week since i became a member and just wanted to tell you that i have found that special someone and also wanted to say thanks. If it hadn't been for your site, i would be probably be single and very miserable ..." - ALP, USA.

"Just wanted to compliment you on your web site... I'll be back many times. I like the safety and security of your site." - EG, UK.

"There is so much to do on this site ... so many great women to meet ... and the live video chat is awesome!! Great work!" - LM, Ohio.

"It was refreshing to find a dedicated girls-only dating website, that didn't bombard me with pop-up ads, adult material and banner ads on every page. Keep up the great work! - Anna J, London, UK.

"Your Video Chat service is fantastic. I not a techincal girl, but I was video chatting within miniutes of registering!" - Jayne, NJ.

" is awesome. What more can I say!" - AJ, Ontario.

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