is not just another dating service, we are the best free dating service for lesbians. We are the fastest growing lesbian dating community on the internet, and with good reason. Our members love our community, and they are quick to invite their friends to What differentiates us from other dating websites?

Firstly, our membership is entirely free. Not only do you receive a free membership, you are also welcomed to make use of our many free features, such as video chat, dating advice forum, games, events listing, and horoscope. Our members have a lot to say about and we listen very eagerly to what they have to say. Of course many members have only positive things to say about our site, however we react readily to feedbacks, and our site is constantly changing and becoming better.

The Sexiest Free Dating Service
Let's make one thing clear; CuriousLove is a community of women that love women. Furthermore, our members love sex. By visiting one of our video chat rooms you can see how steamy it gets. If you don't already own a webcam, don't be surprised if you have to find the closest electronic store in the middle of the night to purchase one. You will certainly want in on all the fun.

Our owner, Madison, is also very crazy about sex, and you will learn this by reading her free diary. Madison is very open and involved in the CuriousLove community, and you will be amazed at her sexy pictures. Furthermore, you will love the sexy pictures that are posted on the profiles of our members. Though we do not allow full nudity, members are very creative, and have very sexy pictures that will leave you smiling.

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