is the best lesbian dating service the Internet has to offer. This can readily be seen from our astonishing growth rate. We are the fastest growing lesbian dating site on the internet, and we brandish a monthly growth rate of over 2200 members. There are many reasons why we are the best, from our amazing members to our cutting edge technology, there is no lesbian dating community as good as ours.

CuriousLove adds a new flavor and excitement to lesbian dating. Just imagine a Friday night. You visit one of our chat rooms, turn on your webcam, and start chatting with other girls. A sexy Aussie girl starts to flirt with you, and you two decide to take your flirting to a private environment, so you initiate a private one to one chat. From there on, what you do is left between the two of you. Do you see the possibilities? There is much fun to be had with our real time video communication system.

Meeting Gay Women Online
CuriousLove makes it very easy to find a sexy girl in your neighborhood. With our advanced searching features, you can define exactly what you are looking for in a woman. Furthermore we take active measures to ensure that you find that special girl by providing you with a "Who's online" feature that displays the members currently online.

Also, we allow you to quickly and easily add members to your favorite list. Adding a girl to your favorite list serves a dual functionality. First it will let the girl of interest know that you find her interesting, and it will offer you a way of easily keeping track of members you would like to get to know more.

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