is packed with great features, a few of which are audio profiles, video chat, video messenger, member's forum, and a listing of lesbian singles events. We are also happy to make available audio and video text chat for our bisexual, lesbian and bi-curious women.

Our chat rooms are free, and so is our one to one chat. Our chat rooms run on an award-winning software that allows real time communication. It matters not your form of communication, you will be happy to enjoy real time, no lag conversations without interruption.

Meeting in the Chat Room
There are CuriousLove members who have had great success in our chat rooms. Finding a girl in the chat room may feel very much like meeting a girl in real life. Instead of looking at a profile, you may hit it off with someone in a chat room while casually chatting. After wish, you can move your conversation to a more private location, and move on to dating. This is actually a common occurrence on

Through our group and private chat, you can simulate a night out on the town or a local party. First you meet someone in a chat room, which would be equal to meeting someone in a public area of the party, or club. You can then proceed to a private area, such as our private one on one chat, which would be equivalent to finding a private area in the party or club where you could get to better know someone.

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