Our dating community is a number choice for many different types of ladies. CuriousLove.com is a 100 percent women only site, which members of different races, ages, sizes and nationalities. Lesbians, bisexual, and bi-curious women who are set to meet someone amazing, will love the dating service provided by CuriousLove.com. A quick look at our home page will show just that.

Free Lesbian Dating in the USA, UK, Canada and Beyond
Ultimately we seek to really be an international website of loving women. At the moment 80 percent of members are from the USA, while 20 percent are from Canada, Australia, and the UK. We anticipate a shift in these numbers that will result in a much more diverse grouping across the globe. We brandish a growth rate of 550 new members every week, so very soon we will have the funniest, prettiest, sexiest, and friendliest members from all across this wide world.

CuriousLove.com has members from all over. Some of our younger members come to CuriousLove.com because they are from smaller towns and need help locating likeminded women. Some of these younger members cannot attend gay bars or gay clubs because of their age limitations; however, they feel at home at CuriousLove.com. Our site is often times the first time these girls find a loving community of women sharing their love for other girls.

Older women who are already involved in a loving lesbian community, look to CuriousLove.com as a great way of meeting other women currently outside of their group. If you are the type that would prefer not to date a friend, CuriousLove.com will open the doors for you to meet may other women. This of course adds to your current network of lesbians, bisexuals and bi-curious women.

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