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Free Lesbian Dating Advice
Our owner, Madison Bauer, is an active member of our community, and she provides many features to the CuriousLove community, such as her "Dear Madison" problem page. The "Dear Madison" problem page is located within our forum, and thus allows users to take on an active role in discussions occurring there. Members are invited to both post questions and to provide their inputs to questions asked.

Knowledge is best attained by examining multiple viewpoints, and through our "Dear Madison" problem page, members are allowed to ask for advice on whatever topic. Madison and other CuriousLove members will then voice their opinion on the matter and offer an advice. The member requesting advice can then make a valid decision by weighing the advice or others.

The problems that are posted vary greatly. Some members request relationship advice, while others would like to know the best way to come out of the closet. For instance, one member wrote that she was in love with a woman that was in a heterosexual marriage. As you may imagine, the responses to her problem varied greatly. Our "Dear Madison" section is one of the reason why CuriousLove is such a great community, our members love to help each other, and that is the best kind of community you could hope to be apart of.

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