has evolved from being a free lesbian dating site, into being a global lesbian community. Much of our success is due to the commitment of our owner, Madison Bauer. Madison has taken a very active role in the development of our community, and even opens up herself to members, with her "Dear Madison" problem page, and by making her diary publicly viewable.

Dear Madison
Our "Dear Madison" problem page is an intricate part of our site, and it allows members to receive advice on various matters. It matters not what your question is about, from "how do I tell my parents that I am gay?" to "how do I make my partner climax?" Many questions are received on our "Dear Madison" problem page, and both Madison and our members are happy to give advice on the matter.

Our "Dear Madison" problem page is unique in that it is not just a one sided conversation. In fact, our "Dear Madison" section is arranged within a forum. What this means, is that all members are able to be active participants of the advice session. It is general knowledge that superior wisdom can often times be derived from collective input. Therefore by allowing members to take part in advice sessions, the member requesting advice can receive better advice that is gathered from many women.

Our members are very loving and caring, which is why they go out of their way to give advice to other members. What this says about our community is that we are women who love women, and we will be here when you need us. If you are unable to find support in your small community, or from your friends, you can always turn to the CuriousLove community.

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