Along with your membership at, we encourage you to create your very own personal profile. You can decide if you would just like to upload a picture and write a short description about yourself, or if you would like to get more into it, and add audio or video to your personal.

Video Profiles
If you have heard the saying, "a picture tells 1000 words", you may know this to be a true statement. However, do all these words tell the same story? And if they do not, which story is the correct one. This is the conundrum that is encountered with images. They only depict a single moment in time, at a single viewpoint. Not much accurate information can be asserted from such medium. Video on the other hand, shows much more. Video allows the capturing of your personality, your many angles, and the beauty that is you.

When a woman responds to your video profile, you can be sure that they have seen the real you, and are pleased about what they see. You will know that she liked the way you smile, your body language, and the way you wore your hear.

This same logic hold true about viewing the profiles of other members. Would you prefer to see a still picture or a motion picture? By viewing the video profiles of other members, you can get an idea about a girl's personality, before you actually initiate contact. However, this is not to say that there is no place for pictures on, after all, not all of our members have the technical skills or means by which to provide a video profile. But we know that you will find our video profiles to be wonderful.

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