There are many girls that harbor an attraction towards other girls but are not sure about the extent of their attraction. These girls normally classify themselves as being "bi-curious." There are many members on that are bi-curious, in fact 25 percent of our members are bi-curious. will allow our bi-curious members to experience gay and lesbian dating at its best.

There are many bi-curious girls that are bashful about their feelings, and may not be sure about how to satisfy their curiosity. Many bi-curious girls are scared about approaching other women and some are scared about attending gay bars. Furthermore, some girls many end up hitting on a friend that is not interested in girls, and end up damaging their friendships. However, will allow these girls a viable option to be able to meet other girls in a safe environment.

Lesbian, Bisexual and Bi-Curious Dating welcomes its bi-curious girls with open arms. In fact our lesbian and bisexual members love our bi-curious population. There is something to be said about initiating a sexy bi-curious girl into the lesbian community.

Of course you will have the ultimate say on the type of girl you wish to further get to know. You may be interested in being with someone that has experience such as a lesbian or bisexual woman, or on the other hand, you may wish to be with someone as inexperienced as yourself. In the latter case, you could date another bi-curious girl in your neighborhood. will allow you many opportunities to satisfy your curiosity and allow you to determine what exactly you are looking for.

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