The lesbian profiles you will encounter at will differ, since our members are able to express themselves in many ways. Some profiles may be very sexy, with pictures that leave little to the imagination, while other profiles may be very reserved. Furthermore, some profiles may include a video message left by the owner. provides the technology, and our members use it to express themselves.

Revealing Personals
You will find many revealing personals at You will also find that a large number of our older women have children. These members especially are very forward about what they are looking for, since as can be expected, they have other priorities in life, which does not include playing dating games. Some of these women are not looking for a relationship, and are not shy to say that they are just looking for no string sex.

The vast majority of our members are very straight forward about what they are looking for. This of course minimizes the casualties of a relationship when both parties know exactly what to expect. Our members know that when they fail to be honest, someone normally gets hurt, and since there is no reason not to be honest, you will find many profiles that are straight to the point.

When people know what they want, there is much that can be accomplished. We respect the honesty, kindness and forthcoming attitude of our members. If you wish to be in a discrete relationship, or if you are not sure about your sexuality, be sure to make this clear to any women you many engage in a relationship with. Our membership base is very large and you will be sure to find a girl that wants to be in a relationship with you.

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