Gay and Lesbian relationships harbor the same feelings as heterosexual relationships, however they are often times more complicated. Heterosexual relationships have a pattern to follow, however lesbian relationships have to be mapped while on the journey.

Gay and Straight Relationship Models
There are clearly defined timetables for heterosexual girls that we all know so well. Girls are expected to start dating in their teens, have a few heartbreaks, get married in their late twenties or early thirties, and have kids. However, what is the predetermined model for a lesbian girl? Frankly, there is none.

When a girl becomes bi-curious and starts to view other girls sexually, should she experiment with both genders? Are we supposed to get married in our late twenties or early thirties? Are we to consider becoming parents once we have found that special girl? Without an equivalent model to that which is given to heterosexual couples, lesbian couples tend to have to create their own paths as they go along.

To learn more about lesbian models, and to get ideas about possible timetables in a lesbian relationship, you can visit our "Dear Madison" problem page. In this area, our members and owner, Madison, discuss questions that are asked, and offer their input on the matter. Even if you have other questions not relating to this topic, you should be sure to ask them on the "Dear Madison" problem page, your question will receive response from Madison, and the rest of the community.

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