A large percentage of our newest members are fairly young. Many of these members are in their teens or early 20s. Some of them are bi-curious or bisexuals, who just recently came out to their families and friends, while others have just realized that they may be gay. For those members who are not 100 percent sure about their sexuality, CuriousLove.com will be able to help them solidify their identity.

Through the global nature of the Internet, CuriousLove.com has been able to create a global community of lesbians, bisexual, and bi-curious girls who care about each other. So for those girls who had no way of joining a loving lesbian community before because of things like location, family or religion, CuriousLove.com provides a viable option.

A Gay Community
CuriousLove.com is much more than a lesbian dating service, we are a lesbian dating community. Many of our members hang around CuriousLove.com long after they have found the love of their lives with our site. This shows just how great our community is. Many girls even join CuriousLove.com for the sole purpose of making new friends.

Lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious girls don't have to feel lonely anymore. CuriousLove.com will allow you to make many friends, both within your neighborhood and on the other side of the globe. With CuriousLove.com you will never be without support and friends.

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