has the greatest lesbian singles on the Internet. Our members are funny, beautiful, sexy and all around amazing women. Our membership base is also rather diverse, and you will find girls ranging from the super butch to the supper femme. Furthermore, our members join for many reasons; some girls are looking for sex, while others are looking for long-term relationships.

This is not the full extent of our diversity. is a global community, which means that we have members from many different countries. Our members come from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and many other countries. Our members are also very diverse in age. We have members that are in their teens, members that are in their 30's, and even members that are in their 50's. Some members are career women, some are students, and some are moms. The point is, is truly a diverse community.

Gay Women of Every Ethnicity
All races are apart of the CuriousLove community. Our members are black, white, Asians, Latina, and mixed. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and so we strive to maintain a large diverse community. By becoming a member of our community you will have the ability to learn a great deal about women from all walks of life. is a home to all different types of women, and we are proud of this. With there are no boundaries, and all that we require is that you are a girl that loves other girls. Love and kindness is the language of our community.

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