As the name implies, your personal should reflect you, it should depict what you are like, what you look like, what you enjoy etc. In short, your personal should be yours. To make your personal reflect you, you may wish to include a video message, and a few photos. For those that wish to remain discrete about their use of it is understandable why you may wish to not post a picture or video. However, it should be noted that profiles without visual images receive far less traffic than profiles that do include pictures and videos.

Picking Photos for Your Lesbian Personal
There are many reasons why you will want to include a picture in your profile. Firstly, a picture will help our members determine your sexual identity. Some women are very masculine or very feminine, and a picture often times does well to capture such details.

One picture is certainly better than none; however you should consider adding multiple pictures. If one picture says a thousand words, then three is bound to say a lot more. By adding multiple pictures you will make your profile more appealing, and will allow our members to get a better idea of what you are actually like.

To get an idea of how well pictures and videos work, you can check out the profile of some of our members. You will probably agree that after viewing a picture or a video of a girl you will feel as though you know her better. Viewing a picture or a video of one of our members will allow you to see their smile, their eyes, their style, and so much more. A picture or video is definitely a requisite of a good profile.

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