is the fastest growing lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious dating community in the world. We are a global girls only web site that is very diverse and entertaining. Our members love knowing that they don't have to worry about being hassled by men, and they are quick to tell their friends about CuriousLove.

Our members come to for many different reasons. Some are here to find friends, while others are here to find true love. Many bi-curious girls make CuriousLove their first choice in a lesbian community because they are allowed to progress at their own pace by dating either another bi-curious girl, or a lesbian.

A Girls Only Community is the fastest growing global girls only community on the Internet. Because of our global nature, you may assume that communication between people on the other side of the word may be a bit difficult sometimes with time differences. However, our forum offers a valid option to facilitate the communication of our members regardless of time differences. Members write about a variety of topics on our forum, from how to climax to proper head giving techniques.

The women at are very much into sex, so as you may imagine, sex is discussed quite a lot, however many other topics are also discussed. Some members talk about religion, pets, love, the media, and society's reaction to homosexuality. Our forum is a great area of our site, and you should be sure to check it out after signing up for your free membership.

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