is composed entirely of women. There is no need to be a member of a heterosexual dating site, with a small lesbian member base, when there is a site such as that was made for you and other lesbians, bisexuals, and bi-curious gals. We do not welcome male members who seek to harass our female members. Nor do we feel that you deserve to be hassled, and we will not put up with it.

A Girls Only Community
Calling a strictly dating site would be like comparing apples to oranges. is a dating community, in which members create long-term relationships, friendships, romance, or casual sex partnerships. We push you to pursue your dreams, just be sure to treat other women with dignity on your journey.

This boils down to honesty. Honesty with our members and honesty with yourself. not only pushes you to be yourself - we expect it. It matters not whether you are secretive about your sexual preferences or if are planning an affair, it is prudent that you are honest about it. It may be the case that you keep secrets from the world, but at, honesty is the key.

On another note, our diversity is to be applauded, and you will love the variety that has to offer. You will meet women from all races, sizes, and ages. Whatever your preference is, you can locate it at

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