is not just a dating website, we are a global community, and as such you can expect that there are many women that join our ranks for the sole purpose of making new friends. We have members that are already in loving lesbian relationships that are looking to find new lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious friends. In fact, there are many women who met their partner on but continue to use our site just for its friend making capabilities.

Our chat rooms are a great place to meet new friends. Upon entering our chat rooms, you will probably be met with a warm welcome. Our members tend to be very friendly, and it is very easy to make friends in our chat rooms. Coupled with real time video chat, you may find yourself logging into our chat rooms to have a video chat with your friends while you enjoy a beer after a long day at work.

Making Lesbian Adult Friends
Another good way of making lesbian friends is by using our forum. If you are an intellectual, and you love to write about issues, and engage in debates, then our forum is the ideal place for you. Our forum houses many discussions on issues that are both important and trivial. You are bound to make many friends and enjoy many laughs on our forum.

Furthermore, you can take a passive measure, and just state your goals within your profile. For instance you may wish to write something like "Brooklyn girl looking for some sexy friends in New York," or "Biker girl looking for friends to ride with." Tag lines such as these will easily attract the attention of women looking for friends like to you.

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