You will find that our lesbian and bi personals say a lot about our members. Members often times put their hearts and soul into their personals. You may wish to follow suit in the creation of your profile. Your profile should allow our members to get to know you. Hard facts such as your age and height should be easily derived from your profile, but more importantly members should be able to catch a glimpse of your personally through your profile.

An Effective Lesbian or Bi Personal
Be sure to put a good amount of time in the creation of your profile. As the saying goes, "you get what you put in." If you wish to create a good profile, then you should take great care to make sure that your profile does not provide confusing information, or nullifies itself. For instance, if you write that you are looking to start a family and find the love of your life, you probably should not post a picture of you in your underwear in a less than conservative position.

The point is, if you are looking to attract someone ready for a long term relationship, with interest in starting a family, you may not want to post a picture of yourself that says that you are not ready to settle down. If you are looking to have some fun, and to meet a girlfriend to have some crazy times with, then this photo may be a good additional to your profile. Just be sure that your entire profile tells a similar story.

Also, be sure to watch your language and syntax. If you're an intellectual and you are looking to date an intellectual girl, it may be a turnoff if your personal is filled with slang and misspellings. In short, be sure to make your profile reflect you and tell a story that is not in disagreement with itself.

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