is overflowing with nifty features, and details. For example, on your home page you will find a few figures such as "members online" and "members currently in chat rooms." These features allow you to quickly assess what your login session will be like.

You will love having the ability to mark a girl as one of your favorites. If you come upon a girl that seems very interesting, be sure to mark her as your favorite. Marking a girl as a favorite will accomplish two things, first it will let her know that you have an eye on her, and secondly it will allow you to keep track of your new attraction. You may even mark a girl as a favorite to be able to see when she is online, and then initiate a conversation with her.

Sending Flirts through CuriousLove
Flirting as never been this much fun. How many different ways to you know of to flirt with a girl? provides you with 30 different flirts for you to choose from. All you have to do is select an appropriate flirt, and send it to the girl you find interesting. Some of our flirts are simple, such as "Wink," "Kiss," and some are longer such as "Please add me to your favorites lists so we can chat on video messenger!" You get the picture, and the point is that you will have lots of fun flirting.

There are many ways to find interesting and beautiful girls to flirt with. A popular way is by hanging out in one of our award winning chat rooms, or on our amazing forum. Alternately, you can create a great profile with many pictures and a video, and let your profile do the work. If your profile looks good and is interesting, you can expect to have many girls initiating first contact.

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