For those members who are bi-curious, or are lesbians without much experience, will allow you to find a sexy girl for you to share those first experiences with. There are many members on CuriousLove who have been able to go on their first lesbian date with a girl they met on

A First Lesbian Date
There are bi-curious members that go on their first lesbian date and are not completely sure if they want to be with a girl or not. However, they are committed to finding out what their sexual preference really is. We are happy to be able to assist such girls in coming to grips with their sexuality.

Even those bi-curious girls that realize that they are predominantly straight after their first lesbian date still have a lot of fun on their date. Some girls will love the feeling they get from touching and kissing another girl, while some may find it a bit frightful. Whatever the outcome, their first lesbian date will provide much needed insight and enable them to make a decision about their sexuality.

The excitement level of our lesbian members to date a bi-curious girl differs. Some of our lesbian members think that it is the greatest thing ever to be able to share in the sexual experience of an inexperienced bi-curious girl. On the other hand, some lesbians have been hurt because they fell in love with a bi-curious girl that ended up being straight. Whatever their position, we urge our lesbian members to consider their own feelings before dating a bi-curious girl.

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