Madison Bauer's creation,, has a growth rate that no other lesbian dating site can match. Madison's goal in the creation of CuriousLove was to create the biggest community of bisexual, lesbian, and bi-curious women the world has ever known. has accomplished this goal. This is a clear reason why boasts a monthly growth rate of almost 2,200 new members.

A Global Lesbian Dating Site is proud of the fact that it is capable of developing both friendships across the world, and locally. The search function provided by is remarkable and will allow you to find women within your city, state, neighborhood, or else where in the world. will be a great place to meet a foreigner if you are planning a trip. Imagine how great it would be to meet a sexy Aussie girl to spend some time with on your trip to Australia. On the other hand if you are looking for the love of your life in your neighborhood, you can also find her at

It would have been possible to establish different sub sites based upon location. However we sought to bring people together from around the world, to form a truly global community. has members from Africa, Europe, America, and all over the globe. By entering a chat room you will see the extensive diversity that is

We firmly believe that the diversity of our site will be able to allow our members to help each other. It is quite possible for a bisexual in Europe to help a lesbian in the closet in the USA, or a Lesbian in the US to help a bi-curious girl in England. CuriousLove is a community without borders and allow women all across the world to love each other.

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