If you are looking for lesbian dating advice, CuriousLove.com is the place to be. Our founder, Madison Bauer creates problem pages, referred to as "Dear Madison," where women can read Madison's lesbian dating advice. Madison writes with love, however she is honest about reality. Madison and members alike are honest with each other; this is a reason why CuriousLove.com is such a great community.

Lesbian Dating Advice from Our Members
A great part of our site is our Dear Madison forum, in which members are able to offer their own advice. And generally it turns out that better advice can be formulated when many of our members offer their own advice. For example, a lesbian member stated that she was in love with a married bisexual woman.

Madison wrote that the reader should be true to her heart and remain with her bisexual lover. While other members at the same time were able to provide their own advice on the matter. Affairs tend to receive a great degree of varied suggestions.

There are so many discussions that have taken place on our Dear Madison forum that it is likely that your question has already been discussed by our members. So by running a quick search in our forum you may find comforting, kind advice very easily and secretively. And it matters not what your question may be, from how to achieve an orgasm, affairs, or to your sexual history. The members of CuriousLove.com are ready and willing to help.

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