There is no need to have a degree in computer science or to be a computer nerd to be able to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology provided by It matters not if you are an expert or computer newbie, you will love our advanced technology. And of course all our award-winning technologies are made available to our members completely free.

Lesbian Dating Networks and Dating Chat
As an example, our members enjoy the use or our advanced chat rooms, which are packed with great features. CuriousLove members are able to have real-time video, text, or real- time audio communication without charge. Do you see the possibilities? You will be able to talk to, hear and see lesbians, bisexuals and bi-curious girls from all over the world, all from the comfort of your bedroom in real time.

Not only do we provide video chat, we also provide one on one video messaging and video profiles. You can go all out on your profile with many pictures, a video clip, or you may stay low key and add no visual. The choice is yours. However the more visual imagery you display, the more responses you will receive. It is not about how you view your physical appearance, since you can be certain that you will appeal to at least a subset of our members, so including at least a photograph is a good choice.

When you locate a member that you would further wish to get to know, you can proceed to the next phase. You can send her one of our many "flirts" to start things out. If she wishes to learn more about you too, then you can proceed to a real time video chat at your convenience. A real time video conversation is analogous to a real date, and it is provided free of charge. What is better than a free date?

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