You may be shocked at the amount of amusing, distinctive and creative personals you will encounter at To see how true this is, you should take a moment to view a few of the photographs that members have uploaded to their personals. A simple search would bring back an extensive selection of profiles since we are such a large community. A few search options that you may try would include searching for newest members, or alternately you could try to locate bisexuals, bi-curious and lesbian girls within your locale.

Once you have attained your desired search results, you should visit the personals and view the descriptions and photographs. You will find that some of the pictures are remarkably sexy, while others are funny and completely unique. For example, a CuriousLove member posted a picture of her dog instead of her own photo. This photo along with her description, may tell you a lot about her, possibly much more than a picture of her face would.

Multiple Photo Personals allows you to post multiple pictures, and we welcome you to take full advantage of this. You may decide to post a picture of your pet, favorite singer, favorite actor, or simply a stone in your yard you have always admired. Of course the choice is yours, but you may also wish to include a picture of yourself, even if it is not your main profile picture. You may use your main profile picture to capture the attention of members, however once they are viewing your personal; they will probably want to see a picture of you too before initiating contact.

If one picture says a thousand words, then 3 say a "billion" (1000 raised to the 3rd power). 3 or more photos should be adequate to capture your personal traits. On a similar note, you should also consider using a well thought out user name, which will also serve to attract the attention of our community. Funny or witty usernames can extend the visibility of your personal.

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