Becoming a member of will open up the world to you. Are you interested in meeting new friends? Did you recently come out of a long term relationship? Have you always wondered what it would be like to date a girl? Are you looking to find the love of your life?

The list goes on, and on, and is the perfect community to help you with all these goals. By taking a look at the profiles of our members, you will quickly realize that is a place where you can be yourself. Some people hold the idea that dating sites are only for those incapable of finding a date by the traditional offline means. However, you will see that our members are amongst the most attractive women you will have seen both on and offline and these women would have no trouble finding a date using "old methods."

A Lesbian Dating Service with Quality Members
Sure, our members could do quite well in finding many dates without our help. However, we offer something much more than just finding a date. With you can do more than just find an average date, you will be able to find the dream date. CuriousLove is packed with beautiful, intelligent and simple amazing women, and the dating possibilities are out of this world.

If you are tired of dating the same personality in different bodies, is your answer. will enable you to not just meet someone by physical attraction, but will allow you to meet women that match those unique criteria you have been searching for.

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