is not your average dating site. We are a lesbian dating service consisting completely of only women. In the creation of, Madison Bauer has accomplished something quite amazing. allows members to be themselves in a safe and hassle free environment.

Lesbians, Bisexuals and Bi-Curious Girls
It should be noted, that even though we are a 100 percent women only community, we are not a 100 percent lesbian only dating service. This means that out members include those that are strictly lesbian, such as bisexual, and bi-curious women. There are many lesbian members who appreciate this acceptance policy, because they themselves started out as either bi-curious, or bisexual girls. In the event that you are a lesbian who strictly wishes to date other lesbians, and not women having interest in men, you can simply state this preference in your personal.

If you prefer to date only lesbian members, then you can simply include this search option when performing a search. We know that there are lesbians who have been in relationships with bisexual women that ended poorly because their bisexual partner decided to be with a man. So members having similar reasons may select a lesbian only search.

On the other hand, there are lesbian members who express that they had the best sex with bi-curious or bisexual women who had little to no experience with girls. Some members find it very delightful to be the guide of a bi-curious girl into the delights of lesbian lovemaking. But of course it all depends on the member, and what they are looking for. Some members are searching for love, friendship, romance, while others are just looking for fun.

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