There are many things that go into the creation of the fast growing lesbian dating site on the Internet. We believe that our ground breaking technology is one of these factors. has the best chat room software available anywhere, and we make it available to our members for the cost of air. Now it should be clear why so many of our members enjoy chatting at Live real time video chatting is not something that can be easily ignored.

The big thing that really differentiates us from other lesbian dating sites however is not our technology, but our membership. Our success is largely due to our members. is a community consisting of amazing women. The smartest, funniest and best-looking women to be found anywhere, and they are looking to meet women like you.

Getting to Know Our Members
Once you have attained a membership, you will undoubtedly be very anxious to get to know all the beautiful, smart, and cool members within our community. There are many ways to initiate contact with a member you wish to learn more about, we will show you some of these methods.

A good way to start off contact would be to imitate what you would do in real life. If you are a flirtatious girl, you may flirt with a girl of interest. This can also be accomplished on by sending little messages that we call Flirts. has 30 Flirts that you can send to members. Alternately you can send a private email, however your email will be sent with our system and your email address will remain anonymous.

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