The dating experience of a lesbian girl compared to that of a heterosexual girl, may differ greatly. It is very common that a straight girl will have had 5 to 10 different boyfriends by the time she has graduated school. She has probably had her share of heartbreaks, and has since gained a wealth of knowledge about what relationships are really like.

On the other hand, a lesbian girl may have had 0, 1, or 2 girlfriends by the time she has graduated school. It is also very likely that her relationships, if any, have been behind closed door, and she never had the opportunity to walk around her town holding hands with your girlfriend. Clearly, the gaps that exist in the experience level of straight and lesbian girls are wide.

The Most Important Lesbian Dating Tip
A good advice that we would like to share with our lesbian and bi curious members, is that they should always be accountable for their actions. Sure, it is understandable that love often times causes one to focus more on the object of affection than on ones self. It may happen that you are completely focused on your beautiful partner, which is a common thing when people are in love.

However, be sure to look at yourself also. A mirror is very adequate in enabling a girl to view herself, and make necessary modifications in order to portray herself in the way she wishes to be seen. However, a mirror is only useful, when it is used properly. That said, it is important, that you view yourself when you are in a relationship. Understanding your reactions, actions, and desires are very important in being able to understand the actions and reactions of your partner. By looking at yourself, you will be able to better cope in a relationship, and you will be able to offer a pillow of support to your partner.

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