There is much more to than our status as the fastest growing lesbian dating community. is a great place to find lesbian dating tips and guidance. Be sure to view the problem page of Madison Bauer. Madison tells it like it is, however she does so in a comforting and encouraging way. The "Dear Madison" page, and diary, which is freely available to our members are an excellent read.

But, advice is best cultivated from experience, and what greater experience is there than collective experience. To accomplish this, our members are also encouraged to give advice within our forum. You too can give advice, and as you will find out, a lot of enlightenment can occur when you give advice; you may find out that your advice also applies to you.

More About "Dear Madison"
Discussion on our forum is not limited to just dating, members are free to discuss other troubling things about themselves or their relationships. There have been many discussions and advice given within our forum. One lesbian lady wrote that she was attracting only men and not women. And of course, this was not her goal and this proved troublesome. This discussion was very popular and triggered much input from our members.

One of our members wanted to know how to approach girls when she doesn't know if they are gay or straight. Another member wrote that she had never had an orgasm. There are many such questions and advices within our forum, and you will have an interesting time reading through these topics. And if you have a question of your own, do not hesitate to ask it. We are here to help.

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