Our community, CuriousLove.com is a completely women only dating establishment for lesbians, bisexuals and bi-curious women. Our membership base increases by an average of 550 members each week. No wonder why we hold the position of being the fastest growing lesbian dating site in the world. By the end of 2015, we expect to have over 200,000 members. This translates to 200,000 awesome people for you to flirt with or spend some time getting to know.

How to Flirt
It is no secret that our website has some of the most enjoyable features of any dating site, and we offer all these features completely free of charge. If you are browsing the profiles of our members and you find someone that intrigues you, you can send them a Flirt. CuriousLove puts a new style in the old game of Flirting. There are 30 different Flirts for you to choose from, which makes us certain that you will be able to find a Flirt to match the occasion.

If you are comfortable initiating first contact without our Flirts, you may simple send an email. And you can rest assured that your privacy is protected, since all emails are sent via the CuriousLove.com mailing system. We view this anonymity as being very important, so much so that we actually forbid members from putting their own personal email addresses in their profiles. We believe that it is best for our members to get to know each other first before exchanging such information.

We provide top-notch technology that will leave you amazed and excited. Our members enjoy their video profiles, and the ability to send video messages and video chat. And with more and more members using webcams on CuriousLove.com, the real life experience of video chat is only going to get more exciting.

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