With the size of our site, you may believe it would be difficult to find those perfect dates, however this is not the case. With our directories and search tools, you are only minutes away from finding that cute girl. We believe that technology should not hinder the experience of our members, but improve it. Therefore we have made it very easy to find your way around the sites, in order to enable you to meet beautiful sexy girls in very little time.

Our Lesbian Directory
CuriousLove.com features a "Who's Online" directory. This directory is bread and butter to many of our members who spend time in our chat rooms. This directory is especially helpful if you had read the profile of a member and wanted to initiate contact with her. By viewing this directory, you will know when she is online so that you can invite her to a one on one chat. Many of our members visit the Who's Online now directory each time they sign into CuriousLove.com.

Our search features will allow you to easily navigate our site, so that you can locate the woman of your dreams. You can either perform a quick or detailed search. A quick search can include an age range, sexual identity, and location. The detailed search includes many other criteria on which to define your search specifications.

Our detailed search provides the option of including physical traits such as body type, and height, while at the same time providing the ability to narrow searches based upon things like religion and education. However, not all of our detailed search options have to be used, you are allowed to pick the things that matter to you, and ignore the things that don't.

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