Many women join in the hopes of finding a date, or finding the love of their life. However, you might be surprised to learn that many of these women still maintain their membership even after we have helped them to find their soul mate. You will notice a good amount of profiles that list the profile owner as being in a relationship and looking for friendship. You may have guessed that many of these members are the ones that used to find a partner, and still decided to stick around.

Of course this says a lot about our community. Normally when people use a service to accomplish a goal, they normally stop using that service after their goal as been accomplished, however most of the time this is not the case with Our members stick around because they realize that is much more than a dating site, we are a global community of women that love women. Our members are sweet, smart, and lots of fun.

The Best Lesbian Friend Finder is the best lesbian friend finder on the Internet. In fact, we are a community bounded by the bonds of friendship. Of course communities must have places for its members to hang out, and with features such as an award-winning chat room, and an awesome forum, you will never be bored.

For those wishing to meet many women, or to network with the lesbian women in their neighborhood, they may consider holding a lesbian event. You will be free to list lesbian events occurring in your vicinity on our Lesbian Events section. Your event will receive a lot of exposure and you will allow members to come together and meet each other offline.

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