We know you love your straight friends, and your guy friends are great, however you may wish to expand your group of lesbian friends, and CuriousLove.com can be of service. There are many members on CuriousLove.com who are just looking for friendship. Some of these women to our delight have found their sole mates on CuriousLove.com and have stuck around to meet new friends. Of course this says a lot about our community, and the friendships that are forged here.

Lesbian Friendships and Activities
There are members on CuriousLove.com who are simply looking for friends to participate in a specific event, activity or hobby. For example, a member may be looking for someone to play checkers with, go canoeing or sky diving. Take a look at the personals of some of our members to find a friend interested in doing something you like to do.

On the other hand, there are bi-curious members who are interested in creating friendships with women that could possibly turn into romance. Because of the limited experience of these bi-curious gals, they prefer to create a good friendship before proceeding to other areas.

If both women in these friendships are upfront and honest about their expectations of the friendship, these relationships can be very strong. If there is no pressure within these relationships, they can easily blossom into something more and two friends can become loving romantic girlfriends.

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