features the best lesbian gay forum on the Internet. Our many topics vary from movies to sex. Our forum also houses our, "Dear Madison" problem page and Madison's Diary. If you have read Madison's Diary, you may want to follow suit and write a diary of your own or share your fantasies with everyone.

Reveal Your Fantasies on the Forum
There are many topics to discuss, and many sections in which you can write. A popular section is "Fantasy Island." In Fantasy Island, members are encouraged to write about their wildest fantasies. You will find that many women also write fantasies about which celebrity they would like to be stranded on a deserted island with.

Don't worry about being a great writer, you are not in school, and this is not a dissertation. No need to be bashful either, the stage is yours, and you will probably have a blast writing about your fantasies. At the moment it appears as though many members view our forum topic but only 10 percent of them bother to leave a response. Unless your fingers hurt from typing all day, you should be sure to voice your opinion.

Writing your fantasy may actually be a step to making it a reality. You never know, maybe a member will read your fantasy and will want to take an active role in accomplishing it. Maybe she lives a block down the street and your story turns her on so much that she wants to hang out with you as soon as possible!

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