is a great site for single lesbian, bi-curious, and bisexual women seeking to find true love. If you are looking to find that perfect girl, you are in the right place. Our search engine functionality will enable you to perform either a quick or a detailed search. You are given many specifications in a detailed search, which will allow you to find that perfect girl of your dreams.

The Detailed Matchmaking Search
Our quick search function is moderately broad and allows you to find a girl matching a few specifications with much accuracy. You will have the ability to pick a sexual preference (bi-curious, lesbian, bisexual), location, and age range in a quick search. Then within seconds you will be able to see a list of members that match your search specifications. Of course the number of women appearing on your search results will depend upon the popularity of lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious women within your specifications. For instance, you will certainly find more lesbian women between the ages of 20-25 in Los Angeles, than you may find in somewhere such as Little Rock, Arkansas.

If you live in a remote area that currently displays a small gay population, you should remember that is the fastest growing women only dating community on the Internet. In the meantime you may wish to widen your search specifications to see a list of more women. You may be able to find many more results for example if you modified your age range to 25 to 45 instead of 25 to 40.

If your problem is just the opposite, you may wish to narrow your search. If you find yourself receiving hundreds of profile on a search, you may wish to specify something that is important for you in a woman. For example, if you believe that religion is an important factor in a relationship, you may wish to include your preference within your search. And if education is very important to you, you may also wish to specify this within your search. However, ultimately the decision is yours, and you are free to decide if you would like to see a search result of hundreds verses tens.

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