grows at an astounding rate. Go to your home page and you can see for yourself. We display our weekly and monthly growth rates on our home page for you to see. We often say that we have 550 new members each week, and between 2000 to 2200 new members a month, however, these figures are a bit low as compared to their true values, as you can see.

You may see on our home page or else where that 500 to 550 new members have joined within a given week. A reason for our unprecedented growth rate is because of our members. As you may know, good news travels fast, and word of the mouth advertisement is amongst the best advertisements known to man. If so many of our members are bringing their friends to the site, there must be a reason for this. We expect to have a membership base of around 200,000 members by the end of 2015, however with our growth rate, you shouldn't be surprised if we end up with a population much more.

Why So Many Women Choose Our Matchmaking Site
The main reason for our popularity is our members; never will you find such diverse, intelligent sexy and amazing women within a dating site. Our members span the world, and are happy to spread the news about has members from all walks of life. Some members are searching for love, while others are searching for great sex. is not just a dating community; it is a place of friends. You will see while reading the profiles of our members, that there are many women on who stick around to make new friends even after they have found the love of their life. This of course says a lot about how great our community is.

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