There are regular chat rooms, there are good chat rooms, and then there are great chat rooms. CuriousLove features the latter. Our chat rooms are known as the best lesbian online chat rooms the Internet has to offer. In fact, our chat rooms are so popular that many women join in order to use our amazing chat rooms. If many women are joining our community to use our chat rooms and with a growth rate of over 550 new members a week, there must be something great about our chat rooms. We like to think of our chat rooms as having two key ingredients, first our members are absolutely amazing, and secondly, our award winning chat room technology leaves little for our members to desire.

Our Chatty Members
Chatty, that's one word that could be used to accurately describe our members. Our members enjoy having fun conversations filled with laughter. Of course, like many friends they also enjoy gossiping, and flirting, especially with new comers. So don't be shy in joining in on the conversations and getting to know our members, because they will probably greet you with a friendly welcome.

It is not always easy to get along with everyone, and you may run into a girl that you just don't like. If this ever happened, you can always block that member from your chat. Blocking a member is very easy, and can even be used to weed out certain members if the chat room is too busy.

Though webcams are not required, you would probably have more fun if you did. Sure typing is fun, but being able to see and hear a member in real time is much more fun. Webcams are inexpensive and you can purchase a high quality webcam for under 50 U.S. dollars. Having a webcam will enable you to forge strong bonds with girls since you will probably feel more comfortable with someone once you have seen them.

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